The Bao Gao Club story

Bao Gao Club started with an insatiable craving.

On a rainy Sunday in a café in Berlin, we found ourselves reminiscing about the abundant tables adorned with various Dim Sum delicacies, surrounded by family and friends.
Our hearts longed for the fragrant and hearty Baos and Gaos that used to warm us up on icy winters in Beijing. And we yearned for the dishes that echoed precious moments with loved ones.

The realization struck us: the dumplings we craved simply didn't exist in Germany yet.

So, we embarked on a journey, starting with pop-ups at different spots across Berlin. The response was overwhelming. On our first night at Streetfood Thursday in Markthalle Neun, the queue at our stall nearly stretched to the entrance and didn't ease until we sold out. It was clear – we were cooking up something people were hungry for.

And thus, Bao Gao Club was born, with a mission to bring the genuine flavors of China to everyone in Berlin and eventually across Germany. Because everyone deserves a taste of wholesome Chinese goodness!

  • Kachun, CEO

    Born in Hong Kong, and raised in Germany, Kachun spent his formative years helping out in the family-run Chinese restaurant. Trying to establish himself in the world, he left the family business, first stepping into the role of a management consultant and later becoming a tech entrepreneur.

    However, the call of his culinary past couldn't be ignored. In recent years, Kachun revisited his love for food and developed a yearning to understand culinary culture. Now, on a mission to spread the joy of great Chinese dumplings, he's determined to make these delectable delights accessible to everyone in Germany.

  • Wing, Chief Taste Officer

    Wing, born in the UK to a Chinese father and English mother, hails from a family of passionate cooks and restaurateurs on his father's side. Despite training as a sculptor and working as a carpenter, Wing has always maintained a strong connection to gastronomy. Since age 15, he seamlessly navigated both kitchen and service roles in hotels, bars, and restaurants.

    After seven years in Beijing for culinary and tai chi training, Wing moved to Berlin to continue his gastronomic pursuits. Drawing on his Chinese experiences, he founded the Sichuan noodle pop-up 'Burnin' Noodles,' evolving into the establishment of Bao Gao Club. Wing, a dedicated family man, shares his life with loving wife Xiaowu and their two young boys.

Real Flavours of China

Our dumplings express the rich traditions of Chinese cuisine, crafted with passion by our head chef, Wing, right here at Markthalle Neun. They are our way of satisfying our cravings for the comforting foods of home. Their taste and aroma will transport you to the vibrant street markets and warm family gatherings of China.

To make this possible, we take great care in selecting the finest ingredients sourced from regional farms committed to sustainable practices and animal welfare.

Celebrating our cultural heritage

We believe food should be more than nourishment. Each dish we serve is a beautiful blend of culture, traditions, and history of local communities.

Our dumplings are culinary ambassadors, representing unique regions and cultures. We're on a mission to share the stories behind each dumpling and their significance to those who grew up enjoying them. Join us, and let's explore these flavorful tales together!

People sharing dumplings

Dumplings, in every culture, bring folks together, a delightful creation meant to be made and savored with family and friends. That's the essence we pour into our dumplings.

We invite you to share your dumplings with friends and loved ones. Strike up a chat with a friendly stranger seated nearby. Sharing meals brightens and connects the world, as there's magic in eating together.