Markthalle Neun - Home for Culinary Excellence

In the heart of Berlin's lively culinary scene, Markthalle Neun stands out as the go-to spot for diverse and delectable offerings. This Kreuzberg foodie haven prioritizes sustainability and locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, showcasing a tapestry of flavors from German classics to global delights.
With the same commitment to culinary excellence, Bao Gao Club lovingly crafts delicious dumplings right within the Markthalle. This dedication translates into an extraordinary culinary and cultural experience for food enthusiasts from Berlin and around the world.

Find us at

Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997 Berlin

Opening times

Mon - Wed & Fri: 12:00-18:00

Thu: 12:00-22:00

Sat: 12:00-18:30

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