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Gao Party Platter (36 pcs)

Gao Party Platter (36 pcs)

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Gao Filling

Gao, or Jiao in Mandarin, are crafted with thin dough and a variety of fillings. Steamed, they become delicate treats that are absolutely begging to be dipped in one of our homemade sauces before you devour them.

Choose between 3 fillings:

Pork & Corn
This delightful filling unites the natural sweetness of corn and the juicy goodness of pork mince. It is perfectly seasoned with a blend of light and dark soy sauce, creating a sensational taste.
Recommended sauce pairing: Chili-Oil
Allergens: Sesame, Soy, Molluscs, Wheat

Chicken & Shiitake
This filling marries the umami-packed shiitake with tender chicken as both marinate in a blend of soy and oyster sauce to perfection.
Recommended sauce pairing: Soy Sauce
Allergens: Sesame, Soy, Molluscs, Wheat

Spicy Tofu (Vegan)
Fermented bean paste is given a quick tempering in hot oil to really bring out its earthy aroma before it is used to marinate the tofu for this filling. For the zesty spicy zing, we throw chili-crisps in the mix. Get ready for a flavor explosion.
Recommended sauce pairing: Chili-Oil or Sesame
Allergens: Sesame, Soy, Wheat


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